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Panther is a brainiac. A busty brainiac. Not that you would guess at first sight. She makes adult videos and she's a college co-ed, studying business economics. She's aiming for a Masters degree. Panther can do our books anytime. With her boobs and body, it would have been a sin, a crime, if she did not show it in videos and photos. Panther is basically a homebody and a quiet girl. Not that you would know it from her videos. "I love R&B and Hip Hop and some rap music," Panther says. "Sometimes I might do some old 90's alternative. I love The Simpsons and Ugly Betty. Ugly Betty makes me cry every single episode, and there are not a lot of things that get to me like that show does. It just seems so relevant to me...being a different girl in a world full of people obsessed with fashion and money." Don't stress, Panther. Stand tall and stick your chest out. Be busty and proud. Not that we're trying to sound like your parents...

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