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Peggy Sue lives in Cologne, Germany. She works in the financial services field and is moderately content with what she does. She makes a good living. There were no indications that she was disatisfied or bored with her daily life. She's old enough to know where she's going in life. However, she did say that she felt bored at times. She saw a copy of Hot SCORE, our German edition, at a magazine shop, looked at all the girls, looked in the mirror, copied some of the poses, and on a whim, mailed some photos of herself to their office. (Hot SCORE is a milder version of SCORE with no open leg photos.) The Hot SCORE staff hooked her up with a trip to London where she got naked for the first time in front of a camera. Peggy Sue is 5'6", 141 lbs. and 40-26-38. She fits most comfortably into a 36 E cup bra. Her birthday is March 16th. Peggy likes jogging a couple of times a week and going to musical theater.

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