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"I'm kind of surprised that there's not a lot of rude people here," said Bunny De La Cruz in a comment that took us by surprise. She explained. "I've done some other modeling, and most places I have been to, the makeup artists and other people are kind of rude, but everyone here has been very nice. I am enjoying being here very much. The photographers and all the studio people are very friendly. I just hope that your readers like my pictures and videos. I hope I earn a lot of new fans, so you'll invite me to come back to model for you again very soon. This is all like a dream come true." Bunny told us she's a dancer which we found interesting because as you guys know, most clubs book slim or silicone-boobed girls. They want a certain look and the bigger girls are not in that plan. We always felt it was a mistake to overlook the Voluptuous, XL type, of body. "I'm an exotic dancer near my home," said Bunny. "I dance at a few different places because I get bored pretty easily. You see the same people all the time, so I like to move around some and get some variety. I've been dancing about two years. I love it. I love the dancing part, but I also hate clothes, so being naked is a good thing for me..."

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