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"When I first meet a man, I usually look into his eyes first," Luna Mystique reveals. "There's so much you can tell about that first glance. After that, it's his hands. If he takes care of his hands, I just know he's going to be a good lover. I like confident men who are sure of themselves. Confidence is sexy. Someone who can carry themselves in any situation, who isn't afraid to speak their mind, really turns me on. I truly love smart men. A man should talk to me, not talk to my chest. I like to know that I'm interesting, not just because I have humongous boobs he'd like to play with. I was standing with my friend at a club, wearing a low-cut top, when this guy wandered over and, while staring intently at my tits, said, 'My, you have lovely eyes.' My response was to tilt his chin up with one finger and close my eyes. 'What color are they?' He got the color wrong and my friend told him to get lost. Things might have turned out differently if he had picked the right color."

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